brand new to centova cast have a few issues .. help!

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ok so .... ive gotten cc installed and running, the admin area works it says i can start a stream ok and doesnt complain but when i go to the :8000 page nothing loads like nothing is listening on the port... all other ports seem to be open and working fine and ive verified that both in CSF (im running cpanel/whm) and in my Google firewall console that 8000-10000 is open as well as i have individually specified the opening of 8000,8001,8002,8003,8004,8005  but still no dice ... please help!

also heres a screenshot of my GCP VM instance firewall

and i updated my csf to include 8000 individually see below


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your port setting look right and here's the first question have you uploaded music and added it to the playlist?

go to Quick Links and see if that link connects you to the player page
try your url:2199/start/playlist_name (the link to my country music radio would look like this: )

I can't think of anything else at present but if I do I'll add more
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