Please UPDATE Liquidsoap !!!

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The current version of Liquidsoap on Centova is 1.3.3 which has a serious problem. After a few hours of broadcasting, the AUTO DJ interrupts and does not restart the stream.

A stable version is available - 1.3.7 which is unavailable for upgrade on Centovacast.

Please set a newer version of Liquidsoap on Centova.

# /usr/local/centovacast/sbin/update --add liquidsoap-rebuild
  > Download error details:
  > --2019-05-23 21:53:00--
  > Auflösen des Hostnamen » («...
  > Verbindungsaufbau zu (||:80... verbunden.
  > HTTP-Anforderung gesendet, warte auf Antwort... 404 Not found
  > 2019-05-23 21:53:01 FEHLER 404: Not found.

Error Explanation
The requested content is not available on the server.
If you require assistance, please contact the Centova Technologies helpdesk.

Sorry, there is no such package as 'liquidsoap-rebuild' available for installation.
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Does anyone know where are the centova employees?  they respond?