SEARCH in Files

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This can also be read as a bug, but it is actually a feature request - lacking features result in problems, which result in bugs, as we all know...
The phenomenology of this problem is what led me here, so this is the narrative of the path:
I have decided to delete Spoken Word files from my collection. I go into AutoDJ MEDIA. I can sort by genre, and at the top is Audiobook, so I search on Audiobook. The Dalai Lama comes up as an artist with about 3 hours of speaking. I should be able to delete the files here, but I cannot. I will write that up after this. Since I can only delete from AutoDJ FILES, I have to go into AutoDJ FILES and find the Dalai Lama. I went in and couldn't find it. I have no idea what folder these files are in.
Thus: if AutoDJ FILES had a search system, even if it was at the level of file names - ANYTHING - I would be able to search and find and delete. But, NO, So now I have 350MB of files cluttering precious server space that I can't delete, because I can't find them.
So, please: put a search mechanism in AutoDJ FILES.
Most browsers have a built-in 'Search This page' facility. This can be used in the Auto DJ Files section to locate any unwanted tracks.