Stream Draggin

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I have a lic for 25 streams and today I'm setting up ShoutCast to relay Icecast on the same server and I've got 2 working just fine. The issue is that on the Metal Radio Station when I listen to the stream on icecast or shoutcast it drags, I mean it's like listening to a 78RPM record at 16RPMs. The source was working earlier and after setting up 2 relays I started working on the Metal Station I noticed what was happening.

Any Ideas? I don't want to rebuild the Metal Station but I just might have to

This is what I've done so far:
Restarted the stream (no change)
deleted the shoutcast srver(no change on icecast server)
Not that I think this is the issue but the port numbers go from 8012/8013(metal)/8014/8015/8016 the other streaming ports work just fine. I'll tell you I'm confused and haven't found any post with a similar issue.

When I find the answer I'll let you know what I did to correct it.
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