Centova Vers3

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1 - With Vers3, will I need one control panel for each server I have? Or will it control any and all remote servers?

2 - Will there be an upgrade cost for users with 2X to the new V3?

3 - Any anticipated (approx) date for release of the stable version?

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1) You can run 3.0 all as seperate entities if you like (As you do with 2.2.4) or you can run 1 server with the web service, then add other servers as clusters.

2) I believe the price is the same as it currently is for 2.2.4 ($11, $16 or $21 for unlimited streams), the only time this differs is for Windows Media Services ($15, $22 and $30) - Obviously, this is subject to change by Centova at anytime and there is an annual discount.

3) I don't know I'm afraid!