Logging US-only TLH track by track

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I am hoping someone has already done this and can save us a bit of work...

We would like to handle our royalty reporting in the US direct with SoundExchange once our 501(c)(3) application is under way.

This requires us to log the total listening hours and TLH per song, but for the US only.

The Centova logs give the right sort of information but do so globally. We can see the total US TLH for a specific period in the stats pages, so the information is in there somewhere. Does anyone have a good technique to extract US-only TLH figures on a track-by-track basis? 

Basically I want to generate a monthly playlist report that includes:
Artist+, Title+, ISRC (where exists)*, Album+, Label (where no ISRC)*, Actual Total US performances (listeners x plays), US Total Listening Hours, Play Frequency
(* = found by database lookup; + = from metadata)

Those two US-only fields are the issue here. I suppose I could manually get the US TLH from the stats page every month but I would rather grab it automatically.

We want to automate this process so it needs to be something that runs on a server or uses data from the server that we can grab. We're running Icecast so presumably can access any of its raw logs directly.

I am hoping that several people out there are reporting direct to SXC from their Centova systems and would love any pointers or existing solutions that we could use.

Many thanks in advance,
Richard E