Liquid Soap Crashing Centova Not Restarting

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We have an issue where certain mp3 files are causing liquidsoap to crash. (We assume that's what it is)  What happens is liquid soap
just stops playing and has to be restarted MANUALLY, centova will NOT AUTO RESTART it when it crashes.   

So there seems to be two problems going on here.  The last time it happened we caught the file name error which I have pasted in below.   However we have many file names that are like this that do NOT crash it.  So we're trying to figure out why it's stopping AND why Centova will not restart when it does.  We have actually rebuilt the accounts to test with Icecast and Shoutcast to see if that made a difference but it doesn't, it happens with both types.

We are running the latest versions of everything and all these problems started after we updated to these latest versions, they were working fine before with these bad file names.  Any advice greatly appreciated (Running on latest Cent OS7)

2019/03/06 04:16:21 [decoder.aac:4] Invalid file extension for "/usr/local/centovacast/var/vhosts/rockradio/var/spool/media/Jonas Blue feat. Moelogo - We Could Go Back.mp3"!

It may be part of a known issue with Liquid soap, or rather, one of its libraries.

We've had a few streams (for one client) where their liquid soap stops all of a sudden, output in the log also just ends, no errors or anything obvious on the lead up to it etc..

After some extensive questioning, Centova eventually provided the responses below. They make it sound like only a small number of users are affected, which may be true, as we're only seeing it for one user who happens to run several stations. However it may just be that some customers can't be bothered to report it etc. Either way, its very fustrating, as they have a solution, but can't provide it via their auto installer due to 'licence issues'.

Their responses below:

There is a known issue in one of Liquidsoap's v1.3.3 libraries (ocaml-duppy), that causes unexpected crashes due to a memory leak. Unfortunately, the only way to get around this problem right now is to rebuild Liquidsoap manually, and replace said library.

If you are a programmer, or have someone on your staff that can do this for you, the official installation documentation for Liquidsoap can be found at the following link.

Alternatively, you can make use of our professional services, to have this work done for you by one of our technicians.

Once a fix has been release from the developers of Liquidsoap, our own developers will make sure to update Centova Cast's automated installer, to support the new version.

The work-around to fix this problem, is not something that can be included in our automated installer unfortunately, as it involves using third-party tools (namely Opam) and repositories that we can't redistribute due to licensing (but we can use, on behalf of client as part of a paid administrative service).
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Thank you
Same problem here, anybody has fixed this issue?
Yes, you have to pay the Centova guys for a custom fix.
same issue -  same reply -  same result - not fixed.

Wonders why if it's a known issue -  where is Centova????
Why don't you guys get the fix and put it in an update?
We could call it Centova Cast v3.2.1X   ( you can pick the number, it'll be awesome!)

Seriously though -  if it's a known issue and there is a known fix-  publish it, it's a part of your package we all pay for.
Don't send us on a goose chase to some other company's website and a list of to-do's to fix it - that's your job.
I think the only memory leak is upstairs - get the fix, release an update, issue resolved is what i say.  Unless I'm mistaken and I'm paying for something other than a working copy of Centovacast (and included packages).
This is definitely an a major issue! I paid an installation fee to have them fix this on my first server, which was taken care of within a few days. I requested a secondary server of mine to be patched, paid the installation fee again, been almost 3 weeks and haven’t had a single update on the case even after me reaching out a couple of times. It’s starting to really annoy clients that I’m hosting and I would really appreciate a simple reply with a status update on this. I really like the software that you provide, and I hope someone from support sees this.
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I know this is an old post, but for anyone looking for a solution to this problem..

There is no one fix for all on this unfortunately as it’s usually down to dependency conflicts or issues elsewhere in your system.

I have helped a few people on this and other forums with many CentovaCast issues now.

Feel free to get in touch using the details in my signature.
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