Data Transfer being metered?

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Hi everyone,

This is a problem I have already let Steve know about a while back, but wanted to check with all of you. I have installed the beta release quite a few times now, on various different servers and operating systems with very mixed results.

On my latest install, which is on Debian Squeeze 32 bit the following works fine:

Shoutcast V1 + Ices-cc
Shoutcast V2 + Sc_trans V2 (In AAC+)
Icecast + Ices-cc

I get the odd strange error that appears at the top, and sometimes for no real reason cc-control seems to stop, but other than that it is ok.

My major problems are that the Transfer never seems to be measured. I've left 2 x connections onto servers for over 24 hours now and the transfer is still at 0.

Has anyone else had problems with transfer not being recorded properly by their installs? I've noticed that on this install of mine, the listener time doesn't get updated unless you force a restart in SSH, this however doesn't update the stats.