SHOUTcast v2.6.x

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Please update Centova to SHOUTcast v2.6.x.
As of Today Centova has no Update for Version 2.6

Version 2.6 supports the new Authhash format which are bow available over the platform.
the update makes no sense, especially if you have your own shoutcast server. TuneIn, for example, has become much more important as a radio directory.
I've already read through the Shoutcast 2.6.0 thread in great detail and fully support the opinion of most disgruntled users, including myself.

In addition, I find it extremely unfair that users who have created their station before the conversion by Radionomy, will continue to be listed, while new users are now asked to pay. Either all or none - that's how I see it! Why should I have a reason to buy a Premium Packet when older users can simply continue to use the service with Shoutcast 2.5.5 or older for free and without any restrictions? I think that - and I hope so - Radionomy and Shoutcast 2.6+ will dig their own grave pretty quickly.

As a Shoutcast 1 user since mid-2000, I hesitated a long time before I decided to switch to Shoutcast 2. The reasons for me were mainly the use of Centova Cast and cost savings through the elimination of an external and chargeable AAC+ transcoder service, which can now be taken over by us, simply by setting up a mount point. The decision to change took place at a very unfavorable time, where I already had to realize that the website of Radionomy was completely changed and old Hashkeys no longer work. Now I regret that I did not register a few weeks earlier, after Radionomy already kicked all users with Shoutcast 1 in the past and these were suddenly no longer listed. As an operator of a nonprofit web radio with non-profit and free music, which like many others do not and do not want to earn a penny and only pay their own traffic costs, that's like a slap in the face.

Due to the use of Winamp and Shoutcast DSP for live shows on a Windows PC, I have downgrade my Shoutcast to Version and accept the inconvenience, especially since many people I've talked to consider the Shoutcast directory to be completely overrated. A limitation to 128 kpbs is for me under no circumstances in question, especially since we have been sending only in 192 kbps for some time. Fortunately, there are still enough portals like TuneIn, Onlineradiobox or, where we are listed independently of the Shoutcast directory.

Customer-friendliness looks different to me.
I agree with both of you.

Anyway if an Customer is asking for it and would not switch to Icecast, we must find ways to handle this situation.
I think the Centova devs are able to change this, to let us choose with which version an server should be created.
what is really interesting here is the SSL centova is taking a lot with the updates
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