Stream details refresh problem.

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Hello! I installed this widget (Stream details) on my site. But after 30 minutes the title of the artist and the album cover ceases to be updated. I found this code on your site  to manage the update time and added this code to my page, setting my time to update, but this is not working for some reason.

Also, I found another answer on your forum with the same problem, but I can not find the streaminfo.js file on my WordPress site, to make the appropriate changes. I'm not an expert in programming, but can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

 <script language="javascript">
(function(){ var centovacast = (window.centovacast||(window.centovacast={}));
(centovacast.streaminfo||(centovacast.streaminfo={})).config = {

    poll_limit: 60,        // specify how many times to poll the server
    poll_frequency: 60000  // specify the poll frequency in milliseconds

Same problem here, any update?