I Just Gotta Say

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I just gotta say Thank you to the staff with Centova, I increased my license to from 10 to 25 and after a bit of scrambling they came through. For those of you who are new to Broadcasting over the Internet you don't know how good you've got it. We spend hours tweaking code, needing to install a dozen other files so you can install an encoder. OH man and one of the worst things we had to contend with was bandwidth restrictions we had to walk a fine line balancing between quality and a consistent stream. Just to give you an idea of how things have changed in August 1998 I started planning the new server that we'd use for our live radio broadcast planned for March 1999 and first live broadcast May 5, 1999. We had to figure out which sound card had the best for line in, which network card la da da da da you don't want to hear that crap, I'll just say it was a challenge and leave it at that.  The snail-mailman(OK person) was bringing as many as 30 CDs a week which took about 5 hours to do maybe 30 songs. We'd had added 2 CD players and a DJ mixer to the studio in the attic of a  3 story walk Victorian in Chicago.  The point is I've got 7 Radio Station transferred to the new server in about 10 hours  and I'm guessing by Friday I'll have all 25 radio stations playing 100% Unknown, Unsigned and Indie Music in as many genres. By the way I've just finished my work on Tuesday and in 1999 1 station took 9 months to get right compared to 7 days. You've got it so easy today because of Centova.  8)
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