update library every day?

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i have a question.

i have many active radios on my centova , i have a skeleton library /usr/local/centovacast/system/skel/var/spool/media/ and all of my radio have in default the same mp3 library, one of these mp3 folder contain many mp3, this folder is update every day,
the update replaces the files in this folder but without renaming them, so the files are always called the same way but obviously it changes the audio content inside them.

how do I make sure that all users have these updated files since I keep them on the skeleton folder? /usr/local/centovacast/system/skel/var/spool/media/

is there any way to get radio users to receive these files in this catalog in an updated way every day?

I can not understand well if it exists in order to do it. because obviously the files that the radio take from the skeleton list to the creation of the radio remain those on the date of creation of the radio, even if I update the mp3 list of the skeleton the radios do not see the updates but only the list on the date of creation of the radio and so if I update the mp3 files also not renaming the files but only by modifying the audio content of the files, the radios do not see the updates.