Re: New stable release v3.2.11.20181108.stable-528r4125

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 December 13, 2018, 01:55:14 pm, #24
New stable release v3.2.11.20181108.stable-528r4125

Centova Cast v3.2.11.20181108.stable-528r4125 is now available.

New features:

    Added support for changing stream software types   <--- How do you do this?

Does this mean you can change the stream software type (I.E. Shoutcast to Icecast) after creating an account?

I was trying to look through admin settings and user account settings, but I'm not finding anything.  Also, I looked in the Knowledge base and Centova Cast Administrator's Reference Manual, but I can't find anything in there either.

Same question here...
Step 1: Log into Centova with Admin
Step 2: Locate the account to change
Step 3: On the Accounts List page, Click on the "gear" icon for settings
Step 4: On the bottom right, click on Change Account Type
Step 5: Select what you want to change to, and click "Perform Conversion"

Step 6: Brace yourself :D