Invalid arguments

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Is anyone else getting the following error at the top of the page within any of their accounts pages?

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /usr/local/centovacast/web/class_StreamStatus.php on line 149

Also if I go into Statistics and select Listeners nothing is shown only the headings and an empty map?
I should add it works without problem within the Report pages

Another oddity I have noticed is that while within the control panel I can see the Recent tracks titles and they also show within my player, they do not however show within the page?
Very odd, is this likely to do with the new YP key we now need to use.

The stream in question is using CentovaCast 3 as a relay, I am using Edcast to feed the stream through CentovaCast could it be due to Edcast not supporting the YP key?

Works without fail on version 2.
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OK so here is the thing, I have amended my web pages that had V2 snippet codes in them to the new V3 version, unfortunately now all I see is the Loading tag line?

Could this be to do with the new body tag using its default install IP while I have configured my account to use my dedicated streaming IP ?

So I have:

<span id="cc_strinfo_summary_ACCOUNT NAME" class="cc_streaminfo">Loading...</span>

Within the player page directly replacing the V2 version. (Removed account name!)

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://IP:2199/system/streaminfo.js"></script>

The above is directly above the Body tag and again directly replaced the V2 version

So to recap Account is different streaming IP (On master server)

Above script link uses master IP of server


Meant to say nothing shows when pressing the preview button within the control panel?

Possibly related to the above Invalid arguments error.


On checking my set-up against the demo site I see that the Invalid arguments error is where I should have data showing what's playing?

Also noticed that blank grey square top right should be a question mark ?

Also noticed no album covers are showing even though I have confirmed my Amazon settings are up to date and set to enabled.

Lots of little issues nothing major, can live without most but would love the stream track info back as I use this allot on my sites and while this is not a production release it would be good to see working. :)
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Not me --no sql error, preview with snippets work and I created a test page with all the code snippets and they all worked , the problems I have are with Flash player in V1 Shoutcast and current listeners are not working .. plus a few other minor things -- I think most of the problems is just the fact we don't fully understand all the new features as there are no articles.
My installation is doing great, since the server only has the required software and nothing more, it runs much better and at a lower load by far. I'm on day 2 of my demo stream running with no problems, however it is running SCV1, v2 needs some work right now.
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I assume it must be to do with ASL (Atomic Secured Linux) which is loaded on the server to protect it then, however not knowing what is causing the issue makes it very had to implement holes in ASL to allow V3 to work.
Did you check the configs?  located

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Well it all seems good to me, but this my issue is now related to ASL, have noted the below are not running also?

/etc/init.d/centovacast status

cc-web: running (pid 26474)
cc-control: not running
cc-appserver: running (pid 26067)
cc-ftpd: not running
cc-imaged: not running

So until I know what to look for or punch through ASL it looks like I am stuck  :'(

Cannot believe others are using server wide open to the world of spammers, this is why I use ASL as it shuts the doors and keeps them out, period. Unfortunately it looks like it is also affecting this new version compared to V2 which was easy to fix due to its inbuilt diagnostics page!

Hope it comes back in this version.  ;)

Thanks again for your help.
Here are mine

[root@server ~]# /etc/init.d/centovacast status
cc-web: running (pid 18044)
cc-control: running (pid 18034)
cc-appserver: running (pid 18042)
cc-ftpd: running (pid 18055)
cc-imaged: not running


Isn't cc-ftpd: for the ftp -- can you upload files?
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cc-ftpd: sure is not been able to get that going since first installing, again feel this is down to ASL.

@ Steve if you would like to use my server for some testing on V3 running ASL your more than welcome.  ;) Worth a cheeky shot  ;D