Backing up a Centova system

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I would like some advice on backing up our Centova server. We have access to an FTP-based cloud backup system and I would be most grateful for information on the areas of the server that we should be backing up.

Our server is running CentOS 6.x and we have an Icecast-based system running ten streams each with AutoDJ and music storage included.

Many thanks in advance for any useful information.
-_Richard E
I back up the config files and music files once a week or if I make a change to the config or I get more then a few new submissions I'll back up after the changes.
Tommy TBones
Broadcasting Indie Music since March 1999
Thanks for the observations... could you possibly list the directories that you are backing up? That's what I'm looking for if at all possible and if your server config is anything like ours.

Many thanks!
--Richard E
I would be most grateful for a list of what directories etc should be backed up on a Centova system.

--Richard E
on linux CentOS6.x
everything you need would be backed up if you want to get more specific each
main config files
specific config file are in the etc directories
I have 10 licenses and blues is one of the ten in my directory structure you'll also see rock, metal, jazz, hiphop, latin, christian, pop, folk and country
Tommy TBones
Broadcasting Indie Music since March 1999
Hello there...
Exactly what I wanted to know, thank you very much.

--Richard E
Curious... do you also backup your database? I'd think you'd want to keep a copy of that also, no?

I also need to find a good reliable server to backup files. .. can anyone recommend a good datacenter for this purpose (something that won't require a second mortgage).
On our side we create backups on Incremental base each night.

Incremental: /usr/local/centovacast

We also create Database Backups each night.
If you move Centova Cast to another server, you should reinstall Centova Cast and just restore the vhosts directory and database.

Were using "rclone:" for backup processes and "OVH´s Object Storage:" to save all the files securely.
To back up the mySQL database files, I use:

For MySQL I just doing it in this way

rclone sync /var/lib/mysql XXX:/var/lib/mysql/daily

With MyISAM Format no problems.