Playlist songs keep repeating

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Hi there,

I have a playlist that is set to random shuffle with over 7 hours worth of songs on there. The playback weight is 12 but I'm unsure if that means anything when I only have one playlist active at a time on Auto DJ. But basically, the same handful of songs seem to repeat and I rarely ever, or never hear certain songs that I know are on that playlist. Why is this and how can I fix it? I want to make sure every song has an equal chance to be played in a random shuffle.
I had a similar issue when I use ftp to upload songs, some songs would skip completely and others would sound horrible I fixed this by uploading the songs a few at a time via the Centova admin control panel. I've also had an issue with the encoding rate I broadcast 128k and a few of the songs were 360k and 96k check the encoding rate you your songs files.
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