Information on starting my own Centova server

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I have currently  3 radio streams running via "sss" but this person let's say do what he wants.

Because I want to get rid of the headaches he's causing I want to run my 3 radio streams. I want to know what I need and please include links.

Thanks in advance.
I think I understand what you're asking so I'll give you my answer based on 20 years of radio streaming on the Internet.

If you want a fully automated system CentovaCast gives you that you can upload songs, jingles and commercials then assign them to either a playlist or commercial list and the commercial list can run at an interval set by you, I have a promo ever 5 songs.

If you want to do a live show Centovacast allows for that also and you'll need a DJ program on your local computer that allows you the ability to connect to your server. I use SAMBrodcaster and I can connect to my 10 radio station with one computer. I also use Mixxx on my Linux computer to connect to 1 server at a time. SAM has several options and the Broadcast program gives me more then the DJ. If you'd like more info you might search auto dj although for auto dj programs I think CentovaCast is the first option you should consider. All the best
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Hi Tommy, you should write a blog post or something on this. You have quite a rich experience with radio streaming and I'd love to hear your thoughts in more detail. Just a thought.