centovacast v3 install question

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Hey staff

do i need any program files to install centovacast v3 beta on my linux server hosting account

or do i just need to type in these commands on my shell account

      To begin your full installation of Centova Cast, download the Centova Cast installation script and make it executable:

      wget -O install.sh install.centova.com/LICENSEKEY
      chmod a+x ./install.sh

      Replace LICENSEKEY above with your actual Centova Cast v3 license key from your client area.
      Next, decide which streaming server/source software you want Centova Cast to install for you. As of the time of this writing, Centova Cast supports the following:
            ShoutCast DNAS v2: add –shoutcast2 to the installer commandline
            ShoutCast DNAS v1: add –shoutcast1 to the installer commandline
            IceCast: add –icecast to the installer commandline
            ices-cc: add –icescc to the installer commandline
            sctrans v2: add –sctrans2 to the installer commandline

      Run the install.sh script as follows, substituting <options> with any (or all) of the above parameters:

      ./install.sh --channel=unstable <options>

      For example, to install ShoutCast DNAS v2 with sc_trans v2, you might use:

      ./install.sh --channel=unstable --shoutcast2 --sctrans2

      The installation should complete without error and ask you to visit http://your-ip:2199/ to complete the installation. Open your browser and enter the URL provided by the installer.
      The web interface should prompt you to choose an admin password and enter the connection information for your MySQL database. Do so.

At this point Centova Cast should inform you that the installation was successful, and will direct you to the Centova Cast login page where you can begin using Centova Cast.

let me know please

If you check the section of the quick reference guide directly before the one you quoted above, it tells you what software you need to install. :)

Hey staff

I need some help please

i typed force to see if i could delete the install, but it said command not found

so how can i delete this config then

/etc/centovacast.conf already exists.  Has Centova Cast already been installed?
Use '--force' if you really mean it, but this will destroy any pre-existing
installation if one exists.

let me know please

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