Why does Centova Cast pick tracks from a Rotation playlist not scheduled?

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I have set up a playlist full of tracks that I don't want to have playing till after midnight so I have set it up as a 12:00am-5:59am general playlist (on shuffle) and yet all day (from 12pm onwards) Centova's Auto DJ has randomly been picking tracks from it?

Any ideas why this may be happening?

I have no playlist overlaps and my timezone is correctly set up.

Thanks! Any suggestions would be much appreciated! It's doing my head in >_<
Hello undiscoveredrockradio,

This typically happens when you have an overlap in your playlist set, you can troubleshoot this issue by contacting your streaming provider, and asking them to turn on next-song debugging.

Shouldn't the answer just be that midnight aught to be installed as 00.00AM instead of 12.00AM?