Live connection dropping out

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So we use a centos 6 linux machine running shoutcast 2 and centovacast.

We run playout software on a windows 10 machine and connect to centovacast on port 8014.

Everything has been going great (and to be honest we kinda leave it alone) until today someone messaged us to say its glitchy.

We checked and noticed that BUTT (our encoder) keeps dropping every (between) 30-120 seconds then restarting and dropping again. Constantly.

weve rebooted both servers and restarted centovacast etc, but nothing stops it from disconnecting. Weve also disabled firewalls both ends in case that was causing issues. Like i say all of a sudden this has happened.

Any idea what could be causing it or how i could go about troubleshooting it?

Log in as "admin" in Centova Cast and check the Logs section. I suspect Centova Cast might be disconnecting you due to exceeding the station's bitrate limit