Recent tracks widget and CSS

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Hi Folks,

I trya to built a html site on my homepage to show the listeners the last played songs.
 First I try to use the widget (everything is fine), but I want to chance the look.
For example: Time: Artist - Title
(no cover, no buying-link etc)
What do I have to do to create such a site?
I have full access to the Icecast Station (also the

Or is there a better way to show the recent played tracks?

I hope that someone cann help me!

Unlike SHOUTcast, ICEcast does not keep a list of the last songs played.

We did it on our site by writing the song(s) to a file and them reading the file to get the songs played.

Hi Dennis,
okay thx a lot for your answer.

Then I have to look for such a scrtipt, that the data will read and update a file, so that I can write as a song-history on my page?!?!

Where can I find such a script? Because, I am a very newbie to create a script.. :-(