Failed to Connect after Server Restart

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OK here is the issue:
Server CentOS6.9

Server update required a restart so I restarted and now I can not log in or listen to any of the 8 radio stations running. Centova is running confirmed this using "top" and centovacast status returns
./centovacast status
cc-control: running (pid 9316)
cc-appserver: running (pid 9332)
cc-comet: running (pid 9339)
cc-web: running (pid 9351)
cc-ftpd: running (pid 9358)
cc-imaged: running (pid 9363)

I see 8 occurrences of liquidsoap
the icecast and shoutcast2 servers are running and the firewall is open on the default ports but I can not connect to the radio via the web or WinAmp, Windows Media Player or VLC music player. I get the error "timed out"
load has been 0.08 to 0.48 averaging 0.21
I was serving from both http and https
ftp log-in returns "Critical error Could not connect to server" using both DJ log-in ID and Admin ID

not sure what to look at next 8)
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