DJ Management

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Hi, how to do mam Z / iPstreamR / 1 I have set dj ok works ok but as I want to add another DJ in the cent ..
with the same Username nap.streamer it pops up an error with already being a user Username: *
and how to make another DJ with the same name was ok because it's about to set up in the week and at different times of the day to attach from the studio as there are broadcasts because this is how the remote control autodj cent ,,,

that is, Monday, 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
       Tuesday 18:00
       Wednesday, etc.

with the same Username because username ok can be 1/2/3 // 4/5/6/7 with one sender ki wants it to play
you can't make new users with the same user name although you can use dj1 dj1 dj3 and so on but each useer much have a unique name
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