Track metadata not displaying on DJ Account/Shoutcast V1-style login

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We are running Centova with Icecast 2, and we are generally playing live sources into our streams using the "Shoutcast v1" style DJ account login, ie:
When the autoDJ is running and you want to broadcast live to all autoDJ-controlled mount points:
Protocol:    SHOUTcast (v1)
Server hostname:
Server port:    8001
Bit rate:    128
Password:    (The username and password of one of your DJ accounts, separated by a colon)
    Example: jsmith:secret
...instead of the main Icecast2 login.

We notice that when a live source is brought in this way, there is no metadata displayed to the listener.

Do we have a config error here? Or is this expected behaviour? There appears little on this topic in the documentation.

We can obviously update metadata by sending an update string direct to the server, but this isn't always possible for some DJs. Our streaming source clients like Nicecast and SAM update the stream metadata perfectly when we use the Icecast login but not via a DJ Account.

Any observations gratefully received.

Many thanks,
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