Forgotton Password on single sign on.

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I have Single Sign on enabled and noticed that if a user requests the password reset and inputs their email address it doesn't recognise the them unless they are actually on that server. It appears you have to request a password reset from the actual server login page not the single sign on page.

This is causing some confusion for some of our users. Is this something that can be fixed in a future release or am i doing something wrong this end ?
I'm afraid this is a known limitation of the single-sign-on feature in current Centova Cast releases.

To date we haven't changed it because 1) it'd be a fairly big job, 2) it'll be a non-issue in a couple of months when v3.0 arrives, and 3) USUALLY the client will try logging in once before attempting a password reset, and when he does that, it will automatically redirect him to the login form for the actual server on which he's hosted, so the "Forgot password" link will be relative to the server the user is already hosted on and thus it'll work.

v3.0 includes a completely new system for managing multiple servers and will not have this problem.