Why should I pay one year longer?

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my license will be expired on the end of April and I´m not sure, if I should pay one year further: there is no really further development and poor news about what is planned when etc.

What do you think?
We have heavily relied on Centova for over 5-6 years to manage our customer expectations.  Our customers have loved it.  And with great reason.  It is a stable system, with decent support from their developers, and provides ample features in general for an everyday broadcaster.

There however doesn't seem to be any more updates and there is no road map on modernising the system.   It is now at a stage where it looks a decade old. 

While I respect that it takes a LOT of work to make such an update and improvement, I really hope we get some news about a potential Centova 4 soon as we will have no choice other than finding a different solution in order to keep new customers happy.
For 1 all the other panels suck plus Centov just issued a update last week, look at the very top of the main forum page.
Truth is, after about 15 years with Centova, they could all go fishing all day every day for anothet decade and still be on top, but I have a feeling they have been working on something and I'm sure responsiveness is at the top of the list.
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