Centova Website Loading Issue

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Hi, I've been looking for help on here and can't find this topic. For some reason, on my computer some of my folders in the control panel spin forever instead of loading. Some of my playlists but not all in the media tab won't load what's in them, I just get the spinner. It's the same with some of the folders when I'm in the file manager. Some load, some just spin. I have tried every browser on my computer... firefox, chrome and edge. Windows 10. I logged in on my phone and I can see everything flawlessly.

I tried plugging my comp directly into the wifi router instead of the regular router because the phone can see it using the wifi, but it still didn't work. I also have the same problem when trying to use FTP to upload files. My server provider has looked at it and it works perfectly on their end so they can't figure out how to fix it. Hopefully somebody here has seen this before or something and can help. Centova V2. Thanks!
just a guess but it could be a permission setting or blocked port on the router
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