Question on a Log entry

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What would cause the following message to happen to only one of the shoutcast v2 servers on a server?

Server servername is down and should be up; restarting; successful

We saw this entry on only one server on the dedicated server.

Any thoughts?
From your server's event log (login as "admin" in your Centova Cast control panel and then click on the "Logs" menu item) you should first determine whether it's the server software (Shoutcast/Icecast) that is restarting or the autoDJ (ices-cc/sc_trans).

After you have determined which piece of software is being affected, you should check the affected station(s) logs to find out exactly why is the station crashing/restarting. For the server software (i.e Shoutcast/Icecast) check error.log, and for the autoDJ (sc_trans/Ices) check autodj.log, make sure to match the time-stamp from the station's logs to the latest restart event registered in your admin event log.
Thank you, Alexiu.