Streaming query

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I am a sound engineer and ex journalist and run an on line programme  I notice that what ever I do I cannot get the stream to play programmes in in logical order i.e. strictly in order. Can anyone help on this matter as many programmes are being transmitted far to frequently, dispite the fact that I have set the playback conditions to the right selection, I do not want random play ?. It is recognised that the streaming is geared towards music and not spoken word, this is unsatisfactory to me, although the stream is working 75% as I need.  Perhaps a new programme for spoken word could be developed? or a solution to the problem above could be suggested. Thank you
Do you have at least one General Rotation playlist without time restrictions? (i.e: active for the entire day)

You must have at least one general rotation playlist without time restrictions otherwise Centova Cast will ignore any time restrictions on general rotation playlists to ensure that it always has tracks to play.