Zombie Processes

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Has anyone else had this.... zombie processes on a server. I found that only on servers that use autoDJ tend to have zombie processes. I looked at my server the other day and found that I had 28 zombie processes running. This morning again there were 12 zombie processes. Again, only this only happens on our autoDJ servers... not the shoutcast only servers.

Any thoughts on what they are and why they are appearing?
Bumping this up hoping someone has an idea..... I just looked to see if there were any this evening and got this ouput:

Z    13465 13987 nextsong <defunct>
Z    13465 13989 ices <defunct>
Z    13451 14219 ices <defunct>
Z    13326 14373 ices <defunct>
Z    13680 14403 ices <defunct>
Z    13326 14413 nextsong <defunct>
Z    13326 14415 ices <defunct>
Z    13562 14418 ices <defunct>
Z    13326 14569 nextsong <defunct>
Z    13326 14571 ices <defunct>
Z    13701 14642 ices <defunct>
Z    13504 14695 ices <defunct>
Z    13680 14722 nextsong <defunct>
Z    13680 14725 ices <defunct>

Wonder if there is a way to prevent this from happening....  again only happens on autoDJ servers.
We used to have similar issue with ghost processes,  - when restart was initiated from the control panel, the old process was not terminated (but Centova already expected it to be terminated), then new, restarted proces, was unable to start because of "Port is already used by another process" error.

This only happened on Debian OS (at the same time Centos servers were not affected by the issue). And it resolved by itself I don't know how or why :) It was either some update in Centova or in Debian that made it work properly.
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