Cannot start server - Licencing error

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we have issues with starting servers on one of the streams.

While trying to start, the system shows the following message:
Stream could not be started: Could not start server: Licensing error.

Diagnostic mode also shows no additional errors.

On Home page the following error is also shown:
"The license data for the following server(s) is nearing or has reached its expiration date:

Local server
 - inactive
This installation has exceeded the stream account limit for this license

For assistance in diagnosing this problem, please consult the License Expiration article in the Centova Cast knowledge base."

The license is valid until 28.12.2017.
Likewise, we have not reached maximum number of stream accounts.

We have also tried re-issuing and then removing the key, but the problem persists even after that.

Thanks in advance.
Please check your /usr/local/centovacast/var/vhosts directory and make sure it only contains the directories of your active stations (each station should have a corresponding directory, with the same name as the station's username). I am fairly certain that you deleted some station(s) in the past, but their directories were not deleted, probably due to a permission problem at that time. This is causing Centova Cast to believe that you have more active stations, than you actually have, as a couple of extra folders probably exist in there.

Delete any extra directories that you might find there and run the following command afterwards:

/etc/init.d/centovacast restart