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Your downloadable performance reports indicate that they MAY be useful for royalty reporting.  The operative word is "may".   They are not.  Well, they are, but only partially.   It is nice that Centovacast counts the Total Actual Performances.  That we need.  But, I'd like to ask you to include all the fields that Sound Exchange requires, and make it customizable/editable for the end user (the radio station)...to the point where the radio station can type in names of fields that will gather information and print on the form.

Our report has to have:

Name of Service (the name of our radio station)
Transmission Category
Record Label
Total Actual Performances

Our automation system sends artist, song, and album title (and it will send ISRC and record label in future editions) to Centovacast, yet your report does not show anything in the Album field.  Please fix this.
Reporting by country will also be great too
I would also support this suggestion. However you need to implement it so that the user can select the country listeners are in for the log. ie, if you want to report to Sound Exchange, Actual Total Performances and Aggregate Tuning Hours need to be for the US only. This should be easy as Centova already knows what countries listeners are in.

However, while there is an ISRC field in the report, there isn't a label field, and most of the time neither will be in the metadata, and those have to come from somewhere.

i also vote for this, is ridiculos that centova is getting old is like they just stopped care.
Also what happened with the vote option, how people supposed to vote here for the features?

Every time i send a email to centova they tell me to add it here to the features request so people can vote but the vote button disappears.

I have been thinking about switching to