Issue with certain dj logins

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The issue is with certain dj logins. If I have a dj that goes live at 8pm the server will not let them log in. Any of my dj's (I have 23 at this time) that have shows after 7pm I have to set their login time to 6:59pm or they'll get a password failed message on their encoder.

I only allow the dj's to start/stop auto dj since it's all they really need. All of these logins work at all times of day aside from 7pm - 11:59pm
The people I'm with who I subscribe to for the server have no idea what the issue is either. I've had them reset the server, reinstall auto dj and none of this works for some reason. I don't want some dj's to know they could get on early as some might abuse the system because they could get on earlier than their allotted time.

I don't know what is stopping centova from allowing a dj account to go live at these specific times. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.