exclude IP from statistics

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I want to exclude my IP from Centova statistics. Is it possible?
Sure, you can exclude one or more IP addresses from your statistics by editing /usr/local/centovacast/etc/centovacast.conf and adding it/them to the "LOCALIPADDRESS" directive (make sure to also uncomment "LOCALIPADDRESS", so that it becomes active)

Restart Centova Cast afterwards, in order for this modification to apply:
service centovacast restart

I would also like to do this but I don't know where the conf file is?

The config file is /usr/local/centovacast/etc/centovacast.conf  (the full file path is included)

If you are an end user you will need to contact your hosting company about this, as users do not have access to these files.
Hi Alex, do hosting companies grant access to those files when asked typically? I'd like to do this too.
There's a slight chance they might go ahead and add the IP address(es) you want them to add to that file, but they will surely not provide anyone with access. (and they shouldn't!)