php problem Open_basedir

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I am trying to install centovacast, everything looks good so far, but i got always the message
 open_basedir restrictions have been detected in your PHP configuration;
I was serching in nearly every php-forum but didnt got an easy to understand answer.
I checked httpd.conf, and php.ini
But no clue what else i could do.
OS is Suse10.3

Someone know something ?
I got it, thanks
Could you post how you fixed it?

My centova cast URL suddenly stopped working.

The errors were related to open_basedir being turned on.

I happen to have a dedicated server, and was able to exclude the restrictions for the account (virtual host) that runs Centova Cast.

What I'm curious/concerned about is that it suddenly started happening.

I'm wondering if this is because I recently re-compiled Apache and upgraded PHP from 5.2.8 to 5.2.9.

Any ideas on why this suddenly started happening??
To disable open_basedir you need to edit your php.ini and change the open_basedir line to "none".  Might have to edit your individual virtual host configuration too depending on what (if any) web hosting CP you're using.  It's probably better left to your admin because it requires familiarity with php.ini and some knowledge of whatever CP you're using (with Plesk, for example, you may need to edit /var/www/vhosts/