duplicated last live stream to new live stream

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This is a strange one that i cant seem to find the answer to so any help would be appreciated.
When a DJ does a live set then comes off the next DJ connects right away with no problem.
However for selected end listers they seem to start to hear the last DJ set being replayed over the new DJ.

Has anyone ever had this ? anyone know where to look or what the fix might be.

Thank you in advance
Best Regards
Hi, after some further testing.
It seems to only happen on selected media players like Windows media player or a player inbuilt to a website.
If I listen to the dj swap over via vlc the issue does not happen.

Only seems to happen if the DJ that connect go from VDJ to winamp or vice versa.
This issue does not happen if both dj connect using the winamp or VDJ.

I've spoke to Centova and they said nothing can cause this to happen.
Nothing has changed on the server and no other users have reported such an issue just one user on the server.