LIVE Status

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Hi there.
I have a radio at
When I stream live there is no way telling people that it is not the Autodj playing but a real person.
I tried with the widgets but there is no difference in the info between the autodj and the live stream.
Please help.
Thank you so much !
Where would you want it be notified on the website?
Yes, on the website
Which application you are using to broadcast live? like most of the thirdparty broadcasting S/w has option to show title of the program
Depending on the encoder your using you can put "DJ NAME - Live On Air" and that will show up in your Now Playing section on your website.
Thank you for your replies. I'm using Nicecast which has the option of showing some radio info , but for some reason it doesn't show up on centova. It shows the actual song but not the custom info. Any help would be highly appreciated.
Maybe in the titles section