Nemesis Player? User Agent player names in stats?

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Do any of you know the details on the player names in the stats?

I see a huge number of entries that say "Nemesis Player (some version)" and have never heard of this. There are also a lot of ones that say "MPlayer 1.0".

Do any of you know what these players are???
Here is a screen capture showing player stats.

Pretty odd...
Nemesis Player is actually the Windows Media Player.
MPlayer is a well known player in Linux and many Android developers also using it in their applications.
Thanks for the info!  I wonder why they don't just display "Windows Media Player". That's pretty weird...
Some versions of WMP identify as NSPlayer instead of actually stating that they're Windows Media Player.  Why?  I can't even begin to fathom.

Centova Cast identifies the NSPlayer user agent as Nemesis because that's what it should be (

CCv3 performs additional heuristics on the user agent and should be able to distinguish WMP-as-NSPlayer from the actual Nemesis player.
Thanks for the clarification and details. Looking forward to version 3!