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Hi all

Is there a way to not show a song title and artist using centova cast auto DJ ?

Your could manually edit each track data from within the media player to be blank.

Second mouse button on each track then select "Rename Track".
OK, but this is not my issue

I have all my tracks online at the centova cast storage and I'm using the autoDj option at the centova control panel.

Using the shoutcast plugin for winamp you have the option to "not show" (overwrite)  both, song title and artist, so your track name is not shown to people whose listening to your radio.

 I was looking for the same option at autoDj feature but I could not find it, my song title and artist still appearing on streaming players.

Control Panel > Configure Server > Stream Title Format
I already tryed this but it does not hide the song title and artist, modifies only the " Radio name" and website.

My shoutcast administrator page shows like this:

Server Status:  Server is currently up and public.
Stream Status:  Stream is up at 128 kbps with 0 of 50 listeners (0 unique)
Listener Peak:  3
Average Listen Time:  11m 37s
Stream Title:  #VALINHOS.STREAM - 24h Electro Tech House
Content Type:  audio/mpeg
Stream Genre:  Electro Tech House
Stream URL:
Stream ICQ:   
Stream AIM:   
Stream IRC:   
Current Song:  Artist - Track 5

What I want is to hide the Current Song information, I want to leave it blank,  but i cannot find where to do it using centova cast control panel. I know how to do it using winamp shoutcast plugin.

As far as i understand it you wont be able to do this with the current Centovacast. This is why i suggested earlier that you manually change each tracks Meta-data from within the media library to blank in order to achieve this.

I can only do this procedure by FTP client, right ?

Wouldn't I lose all my playlists references ? I'm running all my musics from centova online space with AutoDj.

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Edit /home/centovacast/system/config.php and edit (or add) the ICES_METADATA_FORMAT setting. 

The internal default is:
define('ICES_METADATA_FORMAT','%artist% - %title%');

To make it say something else, you can just change it (or add it if it's not there) to:
define('ICES_METADATA_FORMAT','Me gusta');

Note that this will totally break any of your statistics that deal with track popularity, though, because Centova Cast will no longer be receiving the names of the songs being played by ShoutCast.
I really appreciate your answer, that`s exactlly what I need. Thank you very much.

Marcelo Mazzini

the topic occupies me. But now a stupid question, where can I find this file?  /home/centovacast/system/config.php

I'm using centova  in the web browser.

=) thx