Record stream to file & create podcasts

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I was wondering if it were possible to include a new feature in your next version, it would be great if centova cast could connect to its own user/s stream and record it as an mp3 file which could be used for podcasting. Allow the user to define time frames to break mp3s into

Eg 9am - 11am = live_stream_DDMMYY_HHMMSS_morning_show.mp3

Eg 1pm - 5pm = live_stream_DDMMYY_HHMMSS_All genere music show.mp3

And automatically create RSS files which listeners can subscribe to.

There are free tools which you can use to capture shoutcast streams to a file:
icecream ->
streamripper ->
These are command line tools and could be easily utilized by centova cast.

Id be happy to explain in more detail if you think adding this kind of functionality would be possible?
Yes this is possible, although I've never seen it suggested in conjunction with the RSS feed for podcasting which makes it a far more interesting idea.

It's not really practical in the current incarnation of Centova Cast since CC doesn't remain resident in memory... as-is it would only be as accurate as the cron job, and if the cron job is set to run every 5 mins, it might start recording up to 5 mins after the scheduled time.  v3.0 will present a solution to this, after which we can look at adding nifty features like this. :)
This would be a great addition now.
+1 for the podcast :)
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Great suggestion.
This is a BIG vote!
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