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Please help me. Already tried two streaming companies using Centova Cast v3.2.9, with both i have the same problem. i Upload the files with the correct metadata and shows the correct information in the media flies,  and when i add the files to the playlist, change the artist by itself or add featuring artist that not belongs to that particular song. Nobody seems to have a answer to that. The song titles in always correct but the artist  80% of the times is wrong.
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Please mention a couple of what the artist name in the ID3 tag is and what shows up when the tracks play.
1-pitbull ft farruko in my playlist shows as pitbull ft marc anthony,  they have another song together, but not in the same playlist  rain over me
2-maluma.. in my playlist shows as maluma ft eli palacios.. they have another song together, but that song is in different playlist and the name is La temperatura
3- Romeo Santos in my playlist shows romeo santos ft marc anthony. They have another song together, but different name and different playlist.
Already Purge Library so many times. I change per request of my streaming hosting, the album name, because they thought Centova Cast assume that the songs should be grouped under one artist, without distinguishing the fts. But still the same problem and it is always in the playlist not in the media files.
I think one is the file name and the other the mp3 tag
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Can you please explain what it you mean by file name and the other the mp3 tag?
thank You
This is caused by the fact that Centova Cast is grouping tracks from the same album to the same artist. In this case, the "pitbull ft farruko" track and "pitbull ft marc anthony" track had the same album name and Centova Cast just grouped both of them under the "pitbull ft marc anthony" artist.

This can be avoided by setting different album names for those tracks. (or by removing the "ft" part and perhaps adding it to the end of the track title instead)
I have this problem - I appreciate that Centova wants to recognise that the items are from the same album and group them, but it ends up losing the detail on the "featured" artist names. 

For example, if you upload these tracks in this order:

Artist = aaa1 featuring aaa2    Album = bbbb1
Artist = aaa1 featuring aaa3    Album = bbbb1

Centova will lose the information from the metadata of the second and subsequent uploads for the given album, and will attribute all of the tracks to the same "aaa1 featuring aaa2" combination.  The "aaa3" featured artist is no longer visible anywhere.

To avoid this bug, I now use the "with" keyword instead of "featuring". Centova doesn't (yet) use this word to 'break up' the artist field for album groupings, and so preserves the full artist information in the tag.