Shoutcast Monetisation

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Does anyone have any experience of this?

So we basically have playout software connected to Centovacast 24/7 which handles all of the playout content from our station.

I was toying with the idea of inserting monetisation from Shoutcast just to see how it sounded and play it essentially.

However. try as I might, I've created the 2min mp3, tagged it appropriately, and inserted it into various playlists to play yet all I get is blank audio.

Does anyone know if it has to be CENTOVACAST itself which sends the request to play the ads or can third party software connected to centovacast work too.

As far as centovacast, our system, is 24/7 live (even though from the playout end, this isn't the case)

Any help/advice on this would be great.


Carl .