playlist/file interrupted

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So I have a playlist that's scheduled for 120min...set to play sequentially, with no interruption...not to mention, the show is produced and uploaded as single, two-hour-long files. The files play as expected, but when my show aired last week, at about an hour-&-a-half in, the show got interrupted by one of our station's random playlists!
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Now, I'm new to the station...and it turns out things are a little chaotic there and have been for a little I'm trying to sort through how all this works technically and socially.

My understanding from the Centova documentation is that individual files are (supposedly) not able to be whatever happened is quite confusing.

The only theory I have at the moment is that there was either a one-in-a-million glitch, or that there is a problem with our playlist scheduling that caused some kind of unpredictable conflict...though why it struck when it did is still a mystery. There are not any shows who's schedules conflict with mine...though I have confirmed that throughout the full week of programming there are a couple of playlists that have conflicting schedules. I am currently working with the rest of the station dj's to resolve this and eliminate any scheduling conflicts, thus hopefully eliminating this as a possible source of error.

Either way, I'm hoping someone out there with more Centova experience than I can chime in if they have any insights on what might have gone wrong.