multiple IP adress

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Hello. me havea dedicated server with multiple ipaddress.

I settung up:

Stream1: IP1:8000
Stream2: IP2:8000

This is good, and work very well. But source (autodj) cannot use bind ip. that use and say: failed to bind, port is already in use. how can slowe this? i want bind autodj in IP1 or IP2 and not in
ScTrans bind to
but the sc_trans is bind to

in shoutcast2 conf have this:
; server side binding address for sources

Hello bucihost,

Unfortunately you are correct, it would appear that autoDJ sources such as sc_trans and liquidsoap, that require the occupancy of additional ports, do so in all available interfaces (i.e

If you would care to post this as a feature request, we'll be happy to link it to our internal tracker, so that -- unless there's a valid technical reason not to do so -- it can be implemented eventually.

In the meantime, you could use the raw configuration option, to bind your AutoDJ source instances to a specific IP address, provided there actually is a configuration option for this available.