Another v2 Question - Logs Question

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Sorry for the v2 questions. Since Chrome and Safari stopped supporting v1, we've been inundated with support requests for switch over.

In v1, when look at logs, you can see who logged in at a specific time by seeing the IP number. Many clients of ours, utilize "Station Name to see the actual DJ, since they won't know which IP belongs to a DJ. So they have their DJs enter something "Rock Radio with DJ Bob".

In look at the v2 Logs, I do not see Station Name listed when the DJ's log in, but do see the IP number of the source. Customers are hoping they can see the "Station Name" to know which DJ is on it (when they are supposed to be), etc. Is there a way to see that, or is that info gone from the logs with v2?

Thanks in advance,
The Station Name is configured in the Auth Hash, for Shoutcast v2 and it will override any other station name sent by the broadcasting software.
Thanks, Alexiu!