how to switch my license from trial license?

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now i'm using trial license and i have bought monthly license from third party provider,
on order process i can not use as hostname so i use as my hostname

i have received my license and domain licensed is
how to change my licensed hostname and how to switch my license from trial to my monthly license?

i have contacted license provider but my problem is not solved
the main problem is my hostname licensed is different to my server hostname, and
and i bought my license from third party provider that i can not reissue or change my hostname by myself

i hope centovacast admin help me
Don't worry about the hostname which you've used when ordering the license. That will only be a label for your license, but you may go ahead and install it on whatever hostname you would like to. Centova Cast will bind to all the IP addresses that are available on your server and will be accessible from all those IPs and from all domains/subdomains that point to any of those IPs

As for installing the new license key, in place of your trial license, please follow this procedure:

To install a new license key, first use the following command to replace your key:

echo "LICENSE_KEY=your-license-key-here" > /usr/local/centovacast/etc/license.conf

Make sure to replace 'your-license-key-here' with your actual license key.

Delete the current license information already stored on your server by running the following command:

rm -f /usr/local/centovacast/etc/license/license.key

Restart Centova Cast:

/etc/init.d/centovacast restart

And finally, use the following command to update the web interface:

/usr/local/centovacast/bin/ccmanage cronjob --job=pollhosts --force

If you don't see any error messages, then you have successfully installed your new license key.