Change timezone in my php.ini

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Hi, I'd like to change my timezone in my php.ini, if I do this will it affect / damage centova cast in any way?
I thought it might break the reporting or something if there is all of a sudden a large difference in the date/time.

Anyone at all?
Not sure about in the php.ini file, but I know you can in your .htaccess file

just add this line ... changing the part "New_York" to whatever timezone you want

SetEnv TZ America/New_York

You may have to adjust your clients timezones, but I see it throwing anything outta wack

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Yup, it will probably throw off your stats for the period during which the time was changed.  We've redesigned CCv3 to store all times in UTC internally so this won't be a problem in future releases, but CCv2 works using your local time zone.