Scheduled announcements in playlists

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Hi. I am requesting to have the ability to schedule short announcements into the playlist at set intervals? This feature would be like the feature for the general rotation schedule playlist. I am simple requesting you release this feature to work with the rest of the software.

It would allow my station to sound like a regular radio station when schedule playlists are playing (random selection).
When I have, a playlist playing 1 hour of classical music, I need a way to insert announcement to give a feeling like someone is in the studio.
It would make my listeners feel lest lonely to know there is someone there with them.
It would make my station not sound like an on-demand computer programming
I could increase the excitement in those playlists that need this feature.
Other consideration:
Could you allow scheduling down to the second, as someone here has suggested before. Hence, I would create three random playlists for that hour with say two thirty seconds announcements scheduled in.
Thanks for helping me make something before. Appreciate your work.