sctrans2 record dj broadcasts?

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SCtrans 2 have a "record dj broadcasts" function.

im setup that in raw config.


but this is dont work, nothing recording. THis function dont work with centova?

pls help
Well I think it's not directly a Centova Cast function, it's more a function of sctrans2  :)
Interesting question of you because I know this function but I didn't try it until now.

You have reset your music server after the change of settings?
Yes, im restart the stream, but dont record :(
Well I did try the function and it works fine for me with SCtrans2  :)
You could try to edit your calendar.xml of your stream station and add some comments like this!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  <event type="dj">
    <dj archive="1">DJ1</dj>
    <calendar repeat="127" />

  <event type="dj">
    <dj archive="1">DJ2</dj>
    <calendar repeat="127" />

  <event type="dj">
    <dj archive="1">DJ3</dj>
    <calendar repeat="127" />

  <event type="dj">
    <dj archive="0">DJ4</dj>
    <calendar repeat="127" />


 <dj archive="0"> = djcapture off for this DJ
 <dj archive="1"> = djcapture on for this DJ

the path for your calendar.xml is .../"your stream station"/var/spool/calendar.xml

Hope it helps  ;)
now i set  <dj archive="1">.

in sctrans config have this:


in source log i see this:
2016-11-21 15:03:44   I   msg:[CALENDARMGR] Adding DJ event: m_djName=dj1  m_archive=1  m_id=1 m_startDate=year:0,mon:0,mday:0,hour:0,min:0,sec:0,isdst:0,wday:0,yday:0 m_endDate=year:0,mon:0,mday:0,hour:0,min:0,sec:0,isdst:0,wday:0,yday:0 m_duration=0 m_timeOffset=year:0,mon:0,mday:0,hour:0,min:0,sec:0,isdst:0,wday:0,yday:0 m_hasStartDate=0 m_hasEndDate=0 m_hasDuration=0 m_hasTimeOffset=0 m_repeat=127

but the "var/vhosts/radio/var/spool/media/record" folder is empty. what bad?
hmmm maybe is your path not complete!?
You should write djbroadcasts=/usr/local/centovacast/var/vhosts/radio/var/spool/media/record/

How is the folder authorization of your record folder? Should be 750!?

Well I did try with this path:

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it works! Thx ;D