Auto DJ issues

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I've noticed an issue that I've been experiencing lately.  This morning I noticed it kept playing one particular song too many times.  It played it 3 times within 45 minute and after it started playing it the 4th time I manually skipped it to a new song and it didn't repeat it again for about an hour but then once again played that song in less than an hour once again.  I checked my playlists and only have the particular song ONCE in it's playlist.  I have 4 playlists that I have going, one is the standard rotation which has approximately 350 songs in it, then I have a Weekly Top 50 playlist which has 50 songs and plays a random one from that playlist every 5 songs, I then have a station identification playlist which has misc station identifiers and last I have an advertisements playlist which plays one randomly every hour.  I've since removed the song from the playlist that keeps playing over and over again but it is frustrating. 
Here's an example of it doing it again.  Notice it playing the Korn track way too early.
Fixed it.  Had main rotation playlist set as "rotation" however the Weekly Top 50 playlist was set as "interval" in which Centova's rules for playing duplicates doesn't apply.  I changed it to "rotation" and set the weights accordingly and all is well.  Hope this helps others who may run into this issue.